The Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down

20th September 2022

Would you like to experience luncheon in a unique environment? We have arranged this experience by visiting The Clink Restaurant at High Down Prison, Sutton. The Charity that runs this facility teaches the inmates to achieve industry recognised catering qualification and upon leaving the prison, finds them employment. The results are that the reoffending rates are in single figures which is encouraging to the general public.

Having previously experienced this facility, some members have asked for another visit.  We had an amazing visit and the food was delicious.  This was the first time post-covid that the restaurant has reopened so there were a few areas that will need to be improved but overall experience was great.  Unfortunately, we were locked in and unable to leave at the end of our meal as a result of problems in the main prison.  For a moment there we did not know if we would be able to leave the prison!   We all managed to escape!