Shooting Stars Hospice - Sunday 15th July, 2018
*Hugely successful and inspiring day *

 Trevor Longley, Events co-ordinator arranged to take 111 children and their parents from "Shooting Star Chase" children’s hospice to the Medicine Gardens in Cobham. 21 Rolls Royce and Bentleys and classic cars turned up to show their beautiful cars and to take the children out for a ride. An entertainer for the children and a barbecue for the children parents and helpers and families was also arranged by the RREC-Surrey section club. Financial donations were given by the RREC Surrey Section club and members for the "Shooting Stars" hospice. It was a long hot day with lots of hard work by Trevor and several members of the club to organise but it was worth it to see these children and their families have a smile on their faces and hopefully give them and their parents a day to remember.  A very special thanks to the Medicine Gardens for hosting this event on the usually warm sunny day with a temperature 33c.  John and Claire Price have a Rolls Royce Cabriolet and they did 5 trips with the children. Some of the children were blind and loved to feel the wind on their face.  The other Rolls Royce driven by Martin Pratt was a Berliner MK 6 Special Roader.  Thanks to Sue Longley and Tony Okker for their photos.

Message from Shooting Stars Chase:

"HUGE thank you for the most amazing day on Sunday. It really was such a perfect day, filled with so much joy and excitement for our families. It goes without saying that none of Sunday would have been possible without the generosity of yourself and all the members of the RREC – Surrey section. On top of that, all of your members were so very kind and caring, and were willing to do anything to make our supported families happy. We have received the most wonderful feedback from our families, saying it was one of the best days that they’ve had and it has allowed them to create such special and precious memories."  

They have done a lovely presentation of the day on their web site: