RREC Surrey Section fun evening of virtual horse racing

Submitted by Denise Parry

A fine evening of entertainment and jollification was experienced by all on the evening of Monday 12th February. Thirty-seven people attended ‘The Race Night’ hosted by RREC Surrey Section held at The Stepping Stones public house, in the sleepy hamlet of Westhumble, Surrey. Everybody enjoyed either a fish & chip or sausage & mash supper, accompanied by an excellent selection of wines, ales, and other liquid refreshments!

A considerable number of people ‘struck it lucky’ during the course of the evening, winning various prizes and cash payments. The jubilant winners were:
Anthony Shenton, who won a bottle of Prosecco.
Malcolm Hall, recipient of a box of chocolates.
Diana Greenhill, lucky winner of a bottle of Champagne.
Cash winners included Ken Halls, successfully winning 1st prize £50 and Denise Parry 2nd prize £30 on the football scratch card.

Denise Parry galloped to victory by securing the 1st place cash prize in the final winners race. What a ‘winning streak’ for Denise crossing the finishing line, with the main prize of £140.00  all in £1 coins. Who says, “nobody carries cash anymore!” Art Ramirez took the 2nd prize of £25, and Diana Greenhill picked up £7 with 3rd place.

Suffice to say that a wonderful time was had by all. Lots of laughter, banter and conversation. Special mention to the host Trevor Longley & Paul Terry for organising an enjoyable and fun evening. Also big thanks to Len & Lesley Meades who provided the television! Roll on the next virtual race in 2025!