Churt Classic Car Museum - Private Visit

5th September 2021

This is truly a collection like no other and was enjoyed by everyone who attended, Tanya and Robert Lewis were fantastic and showed us all around

telling us the stories behind everything, we could have stayed all day and still be left marvelling in the stories about this wonderful place, they really were terrific hosts.  The biggest Thank You though goes to Charlie and Mandy Forrest for their incredible generosity and organising a great day out. Lots of money was raised for various charities, £2000 from their winning bid for the auction going towards Help for Heroes. As well as a further £2300 raised being split between Shooting Star Chase, The Queen Elizabeth Foundation and Challengers Children Charity. Because the date had to change due to covid, some members and their family were unable to attend, however their money was donated to charity too. This was one very special day.

With thanks to James Longley for his write up and photos of the event.  Larger feature will be in our Winter Newsletter.