Chairman’s Update - April 2021

Now that we are slowing coming out of total lockdown we are looking forward to hosting events again.  We have had a tough 2020 having to cancel or postpone most of our events and that has continued into 2021.  We should be out of total lockdown by the 21st of June, we hope!   All future events have been vetted to make sure the venues that we visit are Covid-19 secure but the pandemic has not gone away totally so all of us have a responsibility to be cautious and continue to adhere to sanitising, keeping distance and wearing a mask.  Until everyone has had the vaccine we can not be sure and must be proactive.

RREC Surrey Section Newsletter

Matthew Stone has taken over the production of our section newsletter and we hope you enjoyed your Spring Edition.  The magazine and website are both 'member focused' so we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your pictures and/or projects on your beautiful cars.  Deadlines for copy and/or photos are:  15th May; 15th August and 15th November.

Joining RREC Surrey Section can be good for your health!

This was a fun afternoon organised by Fitzroy Dawson and family, a Caribbean Lunch and activities.