Fawley Meadows
Henley-upon-Thames RG9 2HY

The Surrey Section will be attending the Henley Classic Boat Show on the

weekend of 19th, 20th and 21st July 2019. This was suggested by Surrey Section Member John Dexter.
Do come along and join us for a walk back in time at the festival and to admire these classic boats and cars of a gone-by age.
Entry bookings can only be made on line. Closing date for vehicle registration is midnight 14th July. Entry for all three days cost £12 to include the driver and one passenger if booked online at www.tradboatfestival.com , click on TAKE PART to enter. Entry on the day will cost £15 driver only. Classic cars dated before December 1969 only will be allowed to be parked up by the riverside at the festival. 

All later models will have to be parked in the main carpark.