20th June - Return to Hever Castle Classic Car Rally 

and RREC Surrey Section Trophy Show

This is the arrival times information for Hever Castle on the Sunday 20th of June:

Lancia Owners Club 08:20

North Essex Ragtops 08:10

Drivers Union 08:30

Lotus Group 08:40

Southern Mini Owners Club 08:45

Rolls Royce & Bentley 08:50

London & Kent Mustangs 09:00

Southeast Mini 09:00

Mustang Owners GB 09:10

Porsche GB owners Club 09:20

East Surrey MG Owners Club 09:30

Lone Star Car Club 09:35

Abarth Owners Club 09:40

Alfa Romeo Owners Club 09:45

Single Exhibitors 09:50


Hever Castle - Covid 19 Information

Event: Cars at the Castle (Father’s Day Weekend)


COVID Secure refers to guidelines published by the UK government to protect staff, visitors &

contractors. This document highlights the guidelines specific to Hever Castle Ltd & the events being held.


What is Hever Castle ltd doing to ensure safety to participants?


Managing risk

  • We ask visitors on arrival to maintain social distancing where possible
  • Hever Castle Ltd are staggering visitor bookings throughout the day & staggering car arrival times for the event
  • We have a one-way system in place on site and we ask visitors, staff & event participants to follow this
  • Hand Wash facilities will be available throughout site
  • Hand Sanitiser facilities will be available throughout site
  • The Cars at the Castle event is held outdoors
  • Hever Castle Ltd will be marking out where cars will be going onsite, we are spacing cars out at 4 metres each where possible
  • We are operating a pre-bookable system only to limit the number of visitors & participants onsite
  • We are maintaining a record of participants & visitors on site through our pre-bookable system.
  • You will receive a document to provide names for all participants & attendees in cars, one person from each group (if applicable) will be contacted if there is a case at Hever Castle to inform you all.
  • We will keep this information for 21 days and then it will be deleted from our system
  • Our contracted cleaners are providing enhanced cleaning in all visitor toilets


Security & Emergency

  • In an emergency, fire evacuation or accident people DO NOT need to stay 2 meters apart
  • People involved in the provision of assistance to others should pay attention to sanitation measures afterwards
  • We will do everything we can to ensure you feel safe whilst participating in this event.

What do participants need to do to help?
  • You must adhere to the social distancing put in place on site, we are currently working on 2 metres apart throughout the grounds
  • We will be spacing out all vehicles on site at 4 metres where possible, this will give enough space for 1 person on each side of the cars
  • Please keep the vehicles a no touch area for the general public
  • If you feel visitors/staff are too close to you & your vehicle you are within your right to ask them to move away for safety
  • When on site please stick to our ‘one-way system’ this will be sent prior to your arrival.