Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Surrey Section

Subscription Application or Renewal Form


We would be very pleased to receive your renewal, or your joining of the Surrey Section of the RREC. 

The annual subscription is £15, payable either by on-line banking, or by post to the address at the bottom.


For on-line banking, please pay to account no 20949981 sort code 20 23 97 and add a reference with your name and “membership”, 

and also send an email to the Treasurer, Paul Terry, Email:


Alternately, please send a cheque to Henry Fitzhugh below made payable to RREC Surrey Section for £15.00 

for one year’s subscription of three newsletters. Subscription runs from January to December.


Please confirm your membership to the RREC before returning this application.       Please print clearly.


Name ____________________________________________________________RREC Membership No. ______________Date ______________


Address_________________________________________________________________________ Tel No.______________________________________


 ___________________________________________________________________________________Post Code _________________________________


Email address_______________________________________________________________________


Car Details: Make/Model ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


Paid  _________________     Bank Transfer or Cheque     First time Membership  or Renewing Membership       (circle)

Please list in preference the type of activity you are most interested.




Please return to:           Membership Secretary,

Dr Henry Fitzhugh, 56 Argyle Street, London WC1H 8ER

Tel: 020 7837 9980               email:


                                Thank you very much!